Here is a list of  regular and irregular contributors to this blog. If you would like to contribute as well, please mail in to with subject line "Blog Contribution." Our contributors will be glad to connect with you if you have paid work/ assignments to offer (I do not take up assignments myself). If you would like to hire the services of any of the contributors, please send an e-mail to with "Assignment" as subject line. Many of our contributors have had main stream media success.

Alok Nirantar

Alok is a political cartoonist. As a child, he was influenced by R K Laxman's political cartoons. "It was then, that I became a rather ‘dexterous copyist'," Alok says. After meeting the legendary cartoonist and getting his advice to do original work, he started drawing his own cartoons. At 15, he participated in Rotary club's Youth Exchange program to visit Canada for a year. His father, an ardent supporter of his art, made a small pocket size book of his cartoons named 'Mad Box'.
"I was always ready to make caricatures of my Canadian acquaintances and gift a copy of 'Mad Box' wherever I traveled in Canada. I earned many friends," he says.
He returned after a year  and wrote about his experiences and anecdotes in a foreign country as an exchange student with an eye of a cartoonist-- this was later published in book form under the title "A cartoon journey of Canada."
    "One of my personal favorite event described in the book, is my meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister at his own backyard- the Canadian House of Commons ! The PM was perhaps caught a little off guard when he saw his caricature being done by a young Indian cartoonist," he says.
The Rajhans publication recently published his book ‘Rajpat’, a collection of caricatures of politicians of Maharashtra ! While in Bangalore, Alok was drawing for The New Indian Express. His cartoons, often witty and satirical, have become the readers daily dose of laughter for about four years now.

Imran Khan

Imran is an Environmental Journalist who has a fair understanding of environmental issues in the city and a great world view. He writes short, incisive commentary for us. He comments on various environmental issues, debates Islam and sometimes details a few of his experiences from the days spent in a French prison and India’s very own Tihar jail. A regular at the Indian Coffee House in Bangalore, he has worked as a door to door sales man, a green peace campaigner, software professional, a wildlifer, rock climbing trainer and has done research on various environmental issues. Imran now works for Tehelka.

Rajesh Subramanyan

Rajesh Subramanyan is a photographer and a designer. He brings us vivid images from Gods own country. In his characteristic style, which often stirs up nostalgia of the forgotten hinterland, he brings us the best visuals tailored for this blog. Rajesh studied Mechanical Engineering from the Government Engineering College Trissur. He is now a freelance photographer based in Kerala. His photographs often reflect dry sarcastic wit and dark humor. He loves colors and often mutes them out from his photographs. His works will be soon hosted on Also, Rajesh has begun making music videos these days.

Aniruddha Chowdhury

 (In Pic:  Aniruddha)
Aniruddha is a news photographer with Mint. Earlier, he worked for The New Indian Express. While working as a copywriter at an ad agency in Kolkata around 2006, he got hooked on to the instant gratification and the immeasurable power of single images. The initial experiments were carried out with a small digicam and a Vivitar SLR borrowed from a friend . He quit his job and trained under Indraneel Mukherjee, a well known fashion photographer in Kolkata. But soon he realised that the studio wasn't what had drawn him to a camera in the first place, rather it was the joy of preserving a slice of time and space of the world without altering what was really happening. He subsequently started accompanying a childhood friend, Bhaskar Mallick who worked as a staff photographer for The Statesman in Kolkata. He contributed several pictures to them and subsequently did a diploma in photojournalism from Ooty in 2008 and joined the The New Indian Express in Bangalore after that, where he has been working till date. He is greatly influenced by the works of Sebastian Salgado, Henri Cartier Bresson and Steve McCurry among many others. He also believes that a picture which preserves important moments of our history, doesn't have to be necessarily stripped of aesthetic qualities.

Coming soon: More contributors.
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