About Me


I'm the average guy you often miss out in the crowd. For twelve years I was taught Hindi, English, History, Geography, Civics, Math, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science, Sanskrit and Socially Useful Productive Work to become I-do-not-know-what. I was taught Integration, Differentiation, Algebra, Basic Electrical, Electronics Civil Engineering, Graphics, Basic Mechanical Engineering, Lathe, Surveying, Basic Mechanics, Computer Science, C, C++, Algorithms and a lot of other things for four years to become an engineer. In between I learnt Kalari Payattu, tried Kathakali, Acting, Drawing and Singing-- none of which I was good at. I grew up watching Reporter, Surabhi, Malgudi Days, Byomkesh Bakshi, Aladin, Mougli, Sea Hawks, Rangoli, Chitrahar, four’o clock Sunday movies and other DD shows. I am now a journalist. I like news, views, reviews, propaganda, Bob Dylan, Che Guevara, Mehdi Hassan, Tea, table tennis, photographs, and table talk. I like walking the walk in my Lungi (Panche/ Mundu); talking the talk when I’m friendly and cursing the traffic not so loudly. Reach me at jpkhood@gmail.com. Twitter handle: therealjpk 

Press: When I gave gyaan to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on Aadhaar (UID) (2012)

Press: When I gave gyaan to Discover India on Bangalore & Indian Coffee House (circa 2010)
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